Matt LeBlanc “bumps into” Lisa Kudrow at the CBS/Showtime TCA Event


Wow Disney Channel has really expanded its dialogue.


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12/? pictures of younger Ellen Page
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inception + food 

Title: UnknownTime
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Hans Zimmer - Time (from Inception)

Yeah just been listening to this all day and picturing it playing in the background during various moments of my life.

Happy Anniversary, Inception! 4 years ago today our lives changed



It’s been four years but I still remember the feeling I had in July 2010. Love this movie forever. The time Inception came out was one of the best time of my life.

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And since I am already in full Inception fanart mode, here’s Ariadne!

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Ellen and Joe, 2010.
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♛ a mix for the woman of the mazes [ x ]

                   anyone’s ghost; the national ♛ something; the beatles ♛ perhaps, perhaps, perhaps; doris day ♛ hero; regina spektor ♛ haunt; bastille ♛ paradise; coldplay ♛ les champs-élysées; joe dassin ♛ killer queen; queen ♛ complainte de la butte; rufus wainwright ♛ ces bottes sont faltes pour marcher; eileen ♛ brave; sara bareilles ♛ non, je ne regrette rien; edith piaf ♛ human; the killers ♛ shelter from the storm; bob dylan ♛ everybody wants to rule the world; lorde  ♛ hey pretty; poe ♛ fiona apple; criminal ♛ ain’t no rest for the wicked; cage the elephant ♛ run; eklipse ♛ here i dreamt i was an architect; the decemberists



Hans Zimmer | Time
I will never be able to deal with this music.

forever reblog.

Inception’s 4 year anniversary in 6 days :’)

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Anonymous: "im loving all the a&a posts/reposts <333"

Thanks! (◕‿◕✿)

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"One of the producers of Mysterious Skin worked on Hard Candy so I knew Ellen’s work before she became so known for Juno and then when Juno happened I was like ‘Yep, awesome. A great actress is getting her due.’ She’s such an honest actress and I think that’s evident both in Juno where she took a very kind of stylized dialogue and made it feel just..real. And the same goes for Inception where she’s in the midst of these fantastic situations but always makes it feel like it’s really happening. I admire that so much. It’s a pleasure to work with you, let’s do it again."

-Joseph Gordon-Levitt