Anonymous: "did you know that Joseph unfollowed Ellen on twitter? :S"

No I wasn’t aware of that. Hmm thanks for letting me know. Although this ship is long gone, it is still kind of sad and unfortunate that he doesn’t support her and a friendship couldn’t even be maintained… on his part.

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Ellen Page's hands appreciation post
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Chris Evans’ ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Pacific Rim 2 News: Guillermo Del Toro's Favorite Character Revealed! Charlie Hunnam Will Still Play The Character Of Raliegh!




Spoilers: Mako Mori is Guillermo’s favorite character.

Yes, but will Rinko Kikuchi still play Mako???!?!?

Yes will she indeed. That’s the most important part…

And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you.

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↳Inception + green

Thanks to Robert Downey Jr for nominating me for the #IceBucketChallenge. Challenge accepted. I now nominate Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans. You have 24 hours! Don’t forget to make a donation at

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I need an architect who’s as good as I was.

I’ve got somebody better.

I think that as a girl it’s already not as easy, in the sense that interesting roles for girls and women tend to be few and far between. So that can be frustrating. I just get sent so many things that are like, ‘So, here’s another story about a guy…’ But that’s just what it is.”

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Ellen Page filming Into The Forest in Squamish, Canada, 30 July 2014. [source]

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Someone get this guy a fucking medal.

They made birth control for men. However it never got past the clinical testing stage because its side effects were things like “moodiness, extreme cramping, hunger, increased sexual drive” and were considered INHUMANE.

what the fuck do they think women go through every goddamn month seriously


men are pussies

Men are not pussies because they can’t handle having one

men are penises

the post was amazing and the comments made it better.

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weirdo chick with no drivers license